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Automatic Weather Stations & Meteorological Instrumentation

East West Infiniti

with over 20 years of experience building, installing and maintaining weather and water monitoring systems. Our team is prepared to assist with the design, the configuration, and the installation of weather stations, water monitoring and control systems, and many other types of environmental monitoring applications.

East West Infiniti (P) Ltd offers professional installation services for automatic weather stations, meteorological instrumentation and other environmental data collection systems. We have installed many types of systems and integrated dozens of sensors and devices to create reliable and flexible systems for our customers. East West Infiniti (P) Ltd can also provides service level agreements and maintenance contracts to provide annual maintenance or data collection and reporting services.

East West Infiniti specializes in remote data collection; we can help you design a remote data collection system using the most reliable telemetry system available to meet your data collection requirements. We can provide radio path tests (surveys), GPRS/GSM data collection systems and satellite data collection systems. We can get your data published on the Web or accessible through computer network technology, such as wired Ethernet or WIFI networks.

Weather stations can be very simple with only a few sensors, or quite complicated measuring dozens of sensors recording many different types of climate data. Weather stations can be installed on buildings or in very remote locations. Our weather station and meteorological instrumentation solutions are based upon the application and the needs of the project.

We offer system design and installation. Contact us with a description of your project needs and we will help you to select the most appropriate sensors and datalogging equipment to meet your requirements.

Contact us to discuss your weather monitoring and meteorological instruments needs.