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Surface and Groundwater Monitoring

Surface water can be affected by land use, agricultural practices, pollution and climate change. As you already know, monitoring and treatment of surface water requires significant investments in time and money.

Ocean and Coastal Monitoring

Sometimes all you need is a little insight into waves, tides, and currents. However, other projects require sophisticated, complex and long-term ocean monitoring solutions involving a multi-faceted approach to data...

Irrigation Canals and Turnouts

The demand for monitoring flow in open channels has evolved. Climate change and water scarcity issues have increased the demand to quanitfy increasingly smaller flows. In the past, the irrigation community has applied a variety of...

Bathymetric Surveying

The HydroSurveyor and CastAway-CTD provide the most easy-to-deploy, turn-key yet comprehensive solution for bathymetry data collection. Sound speed corrections from the seamlessly-integrated CastAway CTD are downloaded wirelessly...

Ports and Harbor Monitoring

We offers a host of options to fit an important need to effectively monitor traffic conditions into ports and sailing fairways. Accurate meteorological measurements and reliable environmental monitoring ensures safe navigation and...
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