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TX80 Turbine Insertion Flow Meters

Fixed depth insertion turbine flow meters


  • High-quality ruby bearings for excellent low-flow performance and long life
  • One easily-replaced moving part
  • Pickup exerts no magnetic drag on the rotor
  • Square-wave frequency output can connect directly to PLC's or counter controls
  • Indicator or transmitter can be mounted on the flowmeter or remote
  • Fittings are available in a wide variety of materials and sizes


Flow Range: 0.5 - 30 ft/sec (0.15 - 9.14 m/sec)
Accuracy: +2.5% of full scale
Signal: Current sinking pulse, 20 mA max, 30 Vdc max
Rotor Pickup: GMR (Giant Magnetoresistive Sensor)
Maximum Pipe Pressure:
PVC: 175 psi (12 bar) @ 75° F (23.9° C)
Brass, SS: 200 psi (14 bar)
Maximum Temperature:
PVC: 130° F (55° C) at 0 psi
Brass, SS: 200° F (93° C)
Nominal K-factor: 11 Hz/F/s (3.6Hz/M/s)
Power: 6 - 30 Vdc @ 8 mA
Sensor Body: PVC, Brass or 316 SS
Rotor: PVFD
Shaft: Carbide
Bearings: Ruby jewel
O-Ring: EPDM
Cable: #22 AWG 3-con 18 ft (6m)
Maximum Cable Run: 2,000 ft (650m)
Dimensions: 1-1/2 inch dia. x 4 inches long(3.8 cm dia. x 10 cm long) Weight: ~2lbs (907g)