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WatchDog 2000 Series Mini Stations

A Mini Station for every micro-climate

All WatchDog 2000 Series Mini Stations have the following features:

  • The same power, flexibility and accuracy as the 2000 Series Weather Stations, perfect when wind speed/direction isn’t needed
  • NEMA-4 type IP66 enclosure and weatherproof connectors
  • Built-in data logger stores your measurements in fail-safe, non-volatile memory
  • Enhanced LCD display, check current conditions and historical high/low readings
  • 12-month battery power source (four AA alkaline batteries, included)
  • Internal sensors measure air temperature, relative humidity and PAR light (depending on model)
  • External sensors (up to 4 sensors) and communication ports
  • Wide selection of compatible external sensors and communication options

Available Models

  • WatchDog 2475 Plant Growth Station
  • WatchDog 2450 Mini Station Temp/RH
  • WatchDog 2425 Mini Station Temperature
  • WatchDog 2400 Mini Station External Sensor
  • WatchDog 2000 Series Plant Disease Station
  • WatchDog 2000 Series WaterScout Irrigation Stations

Comparison among available models

2000 mini comparison